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Seira Elettronica S.r.l.

Via Ca’ del Bosco 1 - 37046 - MINERBE - VERONA - ITALY
Tel: +39 (0) 442 640955 | Fax: +39 (0) 442 640249
E-mail: seira@seiraelettronica.com

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SEIRA Elettronica Industriale is a company that plans, develops and produces single and multi-voltage static converters of average and great power for the railway field. Its organization is focussed to the production of “custom” equipments and through the planning of original technological solutions it is able to satisfy the manifold demands of the various customers. SEIRA operate at worldwide level.

Its most important customers are the railway companies as TRENITALIA ,  BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION (Belgium and Brazil) RATP (Regie Autonome Des Trasports Parisiens)  SNCB (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Belges) and ÖBB (Austria).

The main field of Seira's interest is now the railway sector; in the recent past SEIRA has worked successfully also in the energetic field, becoming one of the most important ref. Companies.

We realized various inverters, battery chargers, U.P.S. of average and great power for thermo-electric, photo-voltaic and hydroelectric plans, for the oil bases and for the naval field.

SEIRA effects on its internal organization activities as Research and Development, planning, production, testing and after-sale assistance.

Besides these operations made internally, for the series production SEIRA broadly uses the cooperation of a selected group of certified suppliers each highly specialized on its own sector. They meticulously produce the various subsystems of the converters, according to our drawings and a tested sample.

These activities include the mechanical working, the realization of  multi-layer printed circuits, the assemblage of various components on the cards and the wiring of the subsystems. All the SEIRA’s products before being delivered to the customer are submitted to strong tests.